Aikido New Member Application 2018 - 2019 ( F2019)

NEW Member Application for 18's and over.

1. Your Name and Declaration

I apply to be accepted as a member of Aiki Kai (Australia): National Aikido Association Inc and to be registered as a student of the Aikido Foundation Pty Ltd established by Sugano Shihan. I understand that my studentship & membership must remain current at all times. I agree to be bound by the Constitution, rules & regulations of Aiki Kai (Australia) and will abide by the Directions of both organisations. I also understand that if I fail to do the above I may be required to leave. I believe that I am healthy and capable of Aikido training, am aware of Aiki Kai Australia's Aikido moral code (see home page) and will fully respect the rights of others. I understand and have considered that Aikido is a martial art that involves physical training and accept that practice and participation involves the risk of permanent, serious personal injury. I will take all due care and agree that no liability for personal injury shall attach to Aiki Kai (Australia), The Foundation or any student, instructor, member, employee, official, director, volunteer or shareholder of either.

2. Your Detail, Email & Address

3. Your Phones & Occupation

4. Membership and Payment Type

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5. Your Application Payment

Pro Rata Membership Fees for NEW Memberships ONLY

Membership Fees Adult Student Family (Max) Junior Concession
May-Jun $60.00 $33.00 $84.00 $24.00 $33.00
New Member Interim Membership for 2 months
Interim Rate (2 months) $60.00 $33.00 $84.00 $24.00 $33.00
University Dojo - $95.00 per year or $48.00 per semester
Combined Annual Renewal Fees for Aiki Kai (Australia) & The Sugano Aikido Foundation. (10% GST incl).
Credit Card     Direct Transfer (EFT)    


Note: This application to join is not considered final until it has been ratified by the board of Aiki Kai Australia.

On clicking the send button above, you will be submitting your application. Payment is required as part of this application. If your application is unsuccessful, your payment will be refunded.

New Membership for Under 18's

If the student making this declaration is below the age of 18 years, our printed application form must be used and their Parent or Guardian must co-sign the Declaration.

2019 Joint Membership 2019 Joint Membership (1678 KB)

About Completing the Paper Membership Application

You must include your current address, as required by law for Association members, and is required for Personal Accident insurance. DOB is also required.

Australian residency status impacts on automatic inclusion in these policies and could affect your ability to claim. Please be sure to answer this question so any manual inclusion to the policy can be addressed.

Your instructor will help you work out the correct pro-rata fees based on the tables here.

If you are claiming student, concession, junior or special fees, you must have authorisation (See section 3A of the printed form) from your Area Representative or a senior instructor at your main dojo. You will not be eligible for a reduction in fees unless it is confirmed by the Area Representative. Authorisation can be via email.

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