Aikido Kids' Classes

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Teaching Aikido to Children

Teaching children requires a high level of dedication, enthusiasm and care. All the AKA instructors who teach children participate in special, additional training so they can help your child make the most of their Aikido adventure.

We have strict rules of behaviour and conduct in the dojo, which every student is expected to follow, a copy of our Code of Conduct for Juniors is below.

Aikido teaches children how to get along with each other, Aikido itself is not aggressive in nature but they learn how to manage and cope with aggressive behaviour from others - we do not teach self-defense as such!

Please be aware not all dojos offer classes for children. On the right you will find a list of our dojos which hold classes for children.

Parent Permission Form

If you would like your child to commence an Aikido class, you will need to print and complete the Parent Permission Form

AKA Parents Permission Form AKA Parents Permission Form (848 KB)

Aikido is Different

Aikido is different in many ways from other martial arts, the non-aggressive nature, the method of holding and moving in coordination with a training partner etc.

Aiki Kai Australia has a well-established syllabus for children that is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is relevant and achievable for younger, multi-age students.

Grades, as such, are not important but the steps taken to memorise and demonstrate each level helps your child to focus on what is expected of them. As they pass each milestone it also helps us to maintain a good balance of experienced and lesser experienced students working together.

More Information

AKA Junior Code of Conduct AKA Junior Code of Conduct (133 KB)

AKA Junior Grading syllabus AKA Junior Grading syllabus (167 KB)

Aikido for Kids

Dojos with Kids' Classes - by state


Bega Dojo - located in Bega, NSW

Granville Dojo - located in Granville, NSW

Hornsby Dojo - located in Waitara, NSW

Leichhardt (Sydney Central) Dojo - located in Leichhardt, NSW

Lismore Dojo - located in Lismore, NSW

Sutherland Dojo - located in Menai, NSW


Clifton Hill Dojo - located in Clifton Hill, VIC

Heidelberg Dojo - located in Heidelberg, VIC

Warrandyte Dojo - located in Warrandyte, VIC


Brisbane - Samford Dojo - located in Samford, QLD

Cairns Dojo - located in Freshwater, QLD

Gold Coast Dojo - located in Gold Coast, QLD


Perth - Leederville Dojo - located in Leederville, WA


Hobart Dojo - located in Hobart, TAS

Lorinna Dojo - located in Lorinna, TAS


Alice Springs Dojo - located in Alice Springs, NT


Campbelltown Dojo - located in Campbelltown, SA

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