2017 March Online Newsletter

Friday, March 31, 2017


This was emailed to all students on 31 March 2017

Simple Steps to Manage Our

New Online Payment System
Either as a new or renewing member

Why did we need a new system?

Many of you who have have used the old paper based system for a long time might have said 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'. While the paper based system was definitely not 'broke' it is certainly now very time consuming! As our membership has steadily grown the processing workload for the national registrar by consequence has become ginormous. Hand written forms are often illegible, or have been stuffed in the bottom of a training bag for six months and on many occasions the payment details are incorrect. All this means it is a very intensive process for registering new, or renewing existing, members. Waaay too much for an honorary position.

The online payment system is far more efficient for everybody. New students can register and receive an immediate confirmation, knowing their payment has gone through. The same for existing members when renewing their registration 1st July each year. Dojos are immediately informed when a new student registers and have a clear copy of the details for their records. The new student also has a receipt or can show their registration details online.

The information below is mostly aimed at instructors and dojo managers, but there are details for everyone of what happens to their web profile once they join or how to renew using their new web profile.

How to manage new students
If your dojo offers introductory lessons please ensure Step 1 is completed before a new student starts training. If a new student is going to take Interim or Full membership immediately after having watched a class please proceed to Step 2.

Introductory lessons:
Many dojos offer introductory lessons prior to a new student taking out either an Interim or Full membership. The main points to remember are; they must sign our waiver and that you must have their personal details, including DOB. In addition, they must pay you some money for a legal transaction to have occurred. This is all to do with insurance and public indemnity.

Step 1
After a prospective student has observed a class, ask them to complete Parts 1 & 2 of a current printed PDF membership/studentship application form. Make sure they sign the Declaration. Collect $10. This is in effect commencing the membership application process.

Step 2
If a student would like to join up straight away, or if they decide to continue with training after the introductory lessons, ask them to complete our membership form online. They have the choice of a once only Interim Membership or they can opt for a Full Membership. In either case, once they have completed this, ask them to bring the confirmation receipt they received at the end of the process. This will be your proof of payment, or in the case of a bank transfer, a commitment to join. The dojo contact will also be emailed a copy of the new member’s registration details as a backup.

Whatever cash amount you received at the introductory lesson phase in Step 1, this may now go toward their mat fees. As a reminder, Interim Memberships only receive the online receipt; Full Memberships receive a card and record book.

As a last resort, you may mail a paper form to the National Registrar,
but we are strenuously trying to avoid paper versions!

What happens to my web profile?
(The system is responsive to membership type)
If you sign up as an Interim Member on our website you can login to your profile and the button on the right will read 'Upgrade Membership'. Once you complete that step, next time you login the button will have changed to 'Renew Membership'.

If you are an existing, Full Member the button on the right of your profile will read 'Renew Membership'.

All the information you enter on your web profile is transferred to our national database. After initial registration the web profile is just an easy way for students to make online payments. All training and grading history is stored on the ndb.

What happens with Family Memberships?
As profiles are to update contact details and allow online payments only one member of the family group has a profile and the rest of the family are listed in the Notes section. If you are not sure which family member is named in the profile ask ''.

Do we have an easy way to let new students know the joining process?
Marion Artis, in Hobart, who faces this dilemma on a regular basis has put together a simple form to give to new students, once they're ready to join, which explains the system and allows an instructor to show the appropriate fee amount that new student should be paying.

We suggest instructors download and print this form to hand out to new students.
Download the form here.

We welcome feedback on the form, or, if you have any other suggestions of how we can better let new people know the new process. Any new student who has recently joined us is particularly welcome to provide feedback on how we might improve our communications!

Send all comments to ''


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